Chymical Wedding

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One good thing about planning to move where I don’t know anyone is that I can finally catch up on all the European Art House films I’ve been meaning to watch for the past 8 years and further my descent into misanthropy and self-aggrandizing insanity 


Polyester 2014, shoot by Arvida Byström.

(Source: arvidaportfolio, via sleeptoria)


House of waffles by MalloryWilliams on Flickr.




that what’s my age again song by blink 182 is like supposed to be about 23 year olds and it’s like dude i’m almost 23 and i don’t think i’ll be a grown up yet come on blink 182 don’t do me like that

am 23, can agree

dorks that whole song is about how immature they are 

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 by J Alex Goss on Flickr.

I can’t tell if my intuition is muddled by fear and I’m just a piece of shit coward who can’t take a fucking chance or the safer more practical way is actually what I need right now. 


Juul Kraijer